Idaho Lakefront Home for Sale

Buyers looking for Idaho lakefront homes for sale will be happy to learn that there are tons of options available – from “away from it all” rural properties to homes situated right in the town centre. Most of Idaho’s lakefront properties are situated on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille – a picturesque 43 mile long lake.

Buying a lakefront home in Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint is one of the most popular destinations in the area. It is situated on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille and surrounded by three large mountain ranges. The town is home to Idaho’s number two ski resort (by size) and offers a wide range of recreational activities all year-round.

Idaho Lakefront HomeSandpoint is popular among retirees and young families alike. Some people move here to retire and live in peace away from the buzz of large cities, while others want to raise their kids in a friendly and fun-packed environment. Outdoor activities available to both residents and tourists alike range from hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing to ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Because it is the largest town in the area, it serves as a major retail and communications hub. The town also has a well staffed 24-hour emergency response unit and a large hospital.

As you can see, buying a lakefront home in Idaho is a great option for those looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Another great thing about Idaho lakefront homes is the pricing – there are properties available for people with almost any budget. Here are some quick tips for locating and buying your ideal property:

  • Know exactly what you want: how much land you need, where you want the property to be located and if you need good access to schools and other amenities.
  • If you are buying a FSBO property, get a full contract created by a good lawyer and don’t forget to negotiate the price – most home owners are not great at negotiating.
  • When buying a lakefront property you should always ask about any problems with flooding.
  • Using an agent can save you time dealing with paperwork and doing research, but many FSBO homes go for significantly less – so choose wisely!
  • Always get a proper home inspection done before making an offer. Use a highly qualified inspector.

There aren’t many places more beautiful than Idaho for owning a lakefront home, so take your time to find the property of your dreams and you will not regret it!